The Tenacious Two~O
Founders Karen & Alisa

Tea, sugar and hemp brought us together in early 2017 as two of the first brands representing hemp products at the 2017 National Association of Chain Drug Stores Super Show (NACDS).  We immediately identified common experiences and goals in our passionate commitment to improve prepared foods with hemp’s phytocannabinoid rich nutrients, and make them available to mainstream consumers. 
We joined forces and merged under Hemp Family Super Foods in 2019, setting out on our legacy journey; wading and waiting through regulatory kerfuffle, eagerly and diligently studying emerging hemp and cannabimimetic sciences, maintaining a pulse on the global hemp industry, and building our network
with other women entrepreneurs in this new and dynamic evolutionary hemp industry. 
Hemp science is compelling and its nutritional health benefit discoveries to balance our individual
physiologies continue to amaze. 

Hemp has played a significant role in American society since the 1600’s. It’s been demonized and lauded,
but cannabinoid science has revealed nutritional health benefit discoveries that are driving the hemp
market to address consumer’s demands. At Hemp Family Super Foods we combine whole food
cannabimimetic and phytocannabinoid rich ingredients to make delicious products that nourish the
whole body as Mother Nature designed.
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Alisa Dee Daskarolis
AKA Bionic Woman
Poppy Fibonacci

Creator EndoPangaea

Hemp Family Super Foods, Director

Hemp Brand Ambassador


Cannabis saved my life. After 43 years of excruciating and debilitating lumbar / sciatica pain and pharmaceutical opioid addiction, a lifestyle change was desperately needed to alleviate pain and improve life.

After hearing my 54th happy birthday news from doctor was a morphine drip, my internal 'endo' being was tapped and I knew my survival depending upon myself, no doctors! Clearly, these Western medical practices made me an opioid addict, with excruciating pain in a conditioned numb & dumb mindset, feeling and watching my livelihood slip away and empty my bank account, I was desperate to break this debilitating entrapment - I wanted to my clean, free and athletic lifestyle again!

Having experienced pain relief with cannabis, I infused my foods & beverages with significant cannabinoid doses as my pharmaceutical substitute, then endured the withdrawal ordeals in my self--initiated 4 month my opioid recovery program. I figured if I could endure my athletic challenges surely I could struggle through these desperate measures to recover my Self, again, and so I did.  PAIN and PHARMA FREE since 2015, I am committed to providing a few quality hemp essential products to help others  regain their unique health dynamic with cannabis.   

Stop doing what isn't working.  

Your being is your fortress, build it strong and resilient.   

Lotus Flower

Karen Pike
AKA Wonder Woman
Dottie Realer

Creator SoothingSweetness 

Hemp Family Super Foods, President

Hemp Brand Ambassador


My life work has been in alternative healthcare, invention, natural product development and end-of-life care.  I practiced underground palliative care back in the day when having a joint could land you in jail.  Already familiar with cannabis, I began making edibles, ointments and tinctures and they helped make the passing easier.

After the passage of CA SB420, I was fortunate enough to become one of the co-founders of The Medical Cannabis Caregivers, an institute dedicated to empowering personal activism in the ‘war on drugs’, cannabis laws, education, human rights and cannabinoid science.  I developed and taught MCC 123, Tinctures, Edibles & Ointments.  

Cannabis has been part of my life for over 50 years, as a consumer, practitioner, teacher, administrator, advocate, product developer. It is my humble opinion that cannabis sativa L in all its iterations gives us hope for the future of our planet.  May we each do the best we can with the time we've got. 

~  For the Highest Good of All  ~  Namaste’  ~