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Please join and support us on this Hemp Regenerating Evolutionary Path

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Mission & Vision - Health Equity

Healthy Everyday Hemp Superfoods = Healthy Everyday People

Our mission is to bring cannabimimetic and cannabinoid rich foods and beverages to the market

to meet everyday consumer needs.


Goals - Health & Planet Contributors

#1 Our goal is to address and contribute to solving the

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) affecting global populations.

#2  A portion of our profits are contributed to hemp regeneration

and animal rights campaigns around the world.

#3  All our products are made and packaged in hemp materials.

In October 2021, California AB 45, the Industrial Hemp Compliance Program (IHCP) was signed into law. AB45 is

a significant leap forward in the regulation of the inclusion of industrial hemp, cannabinoids, extracts or other industrial hemp derivatives in cosmetics, dietary supplements, foods, beverages and pet foods. 

Industry leaders predict AB45 will become the US standard for hemp consumables. 


The new wave of nutritional hemp has arrived and we are confident consumers will welcome our full spectrum hemp and THC free hemp isolate products to their daily diets. Through our educational website, new hemp consumers will feel comfortable exploring hemp phytonutrients, and seasoned users will thoroughly

appreciate the convenience and ease of increasing their cannabinoid consumption on a routine basis. 


Owners / Founders of Hemp Family Super Foods (HFSF) have made it their business to build and secure

long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers for industrial hemp edibles and beverages

production in California, Nevada and Kentucky. Our Director of Sales has 40 years experience in

big box retail vendors throughout the US and Canada. 

We are prepared for the next growth level!

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