What is nanotechnology and how does it relate to food and beverage nutrients?


Simply put, nanotechnology reduces nutrient particles into the form of ultra small solids or droplets thereby improving bioavailability*.   



Nutrient deficiencies affect the health and wellness of people worldwide. It’s commonplace to be suffering from vitamin, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and other essential ingredient deficiencies due to the limited supply of these nutrients in the human food chain. Therefore there is a need for improved quality foods enriched with increased bioavailability ingredients that consist of more low fat foods, rich in dietary fiber and contain specially formulated ingredients with potent phytocannabinoid rich compounds and more. 


Research indicates that small amounts of hemp cannabinoids added to the daily diet helps to strengthen and revitalize the endocannabinoid system to help the organism gain homeostasis. 


Current trends in the nutraceutics realm place nanotechnology on the cutting edge of providing highly efficiently dispersed quantities of essential nutrients in our food supply.  Nano emulsions used in familiar items include (to name a few):

*Omega-3’s for heart health, infant development needs, enhanced wellness

*Plant sterols suspended in beverages for heart health, lowering cholesterol, anti-cancer benefits

*Phyto-specific poly-phenols and carotenoids to provide specific benefits, such as eye health.

*And many more  … 


Hemp Family Super Foods' purpose is to create these quality everyday phytonutrient rich foods with an additional boost of hemp phytocannabinoids. 


Learn more about nanotechnology here.


*Bioavailability is defined as the rate and extent of absorption of unchanged materials from its dosage.