EndoCoffees Specialty Hemp Peaberry or Standard Coffee Beans - 20 mgs per 6 ounce serving - Join The Fourth Wave for the Coffee Movement - Specialty Hemp Super Food Coffee.

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Our artisanal hempy style enhances your coffee experiences and sensory exploration, making this super food staple so much more fulfilling.

Bringing you coffees, teas, herbs & spices from around the world that have historical and scientific proof to tone the endocannabinoid system (ECS). We seek and support women coffee farmers in Indian, Africa, South America, Asia.

Hemp Coffee is

  • A super fruit, grows on trees as cherries, and inside the cherries are beans. A powerfully nutritious ‘superfood’, known for its wellness antioxidants and its beneficial caffeine.
  • Bursting with aromatherapy and phytonutrients, this blend of rich health and nutritional properties is a rejuvenating beverage to set your brain and body balance in motion.
  • Enveloped with organic, full spectrum, 90 % CBD dominant hemp oil as the purest form of cannabidiol available and most efficacious for your physiology - receiving every possible phytocannabinoid nutrient from the whole hemp plant’s naturally-occurring terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins, and all other minor cannabinoids engages the entourage effect of countless beneficial health properties. Delicious, hot or iced.
  • Peaberry stones are a natural phenomenon that occurs in all species of coffee; it’s the result of a genetic mutation. Most coffee cherries contain two seeds; each with a flat side and a domed side, but for the mutant peaberry, only one bean is born and its entirely round. Being round is best to roast evenly, creating a more full-bodied, no-bitter brew. Peaberry coffee also contains slightly more caffeine, more nutrients, and sugars (flavors, textures, aroma). These beans are hand sorted, and make between 5-10% of coffee consumption around the world.
  • The most impressive health benefits of hemp coffee to date include its ability to 1) Boost Energy, 2) Improve Cognition, 3) provide rich Antioxidants and serve as an Anti Anxiety, Antidepressant, 4) Increase Metabolism and help as a Weight Loss Aid, 5) Maximize Your Fitness Goals, 6) Improves Heart Health, 7) Reduce Risk of Diabetes, 8) Protect Liver, 9) serve as a Neuroprotectant, and 10) aid with Eye Care maintenance.

1) Boost Energy

Cafestol and kahweol terpenes in coffee block the inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain, which acts as a stimulant and instantly increases your energy levels.

2) Improve Cognition

This superfood combination helps sharpen mental focus and increase concentration by stimulating the brain with its terpenes to continue to protect cognitive health and prevent mental degradation. At lower doses, CBD distillates can increase your attention span, helping you stay alert and focused.

3) Antioxidant, Anti Anxiety, Antidepressant

Coffee contains more antioxidants than many fruits and vegetables combined and is considered a super food in its own right. Adding a phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil can increase serotonin secretion, giving an instant relief from anxiety, stress, treatment of depression, panic attacks and insomnia. The natural effects of this hemp coffee works wonders for depression treatment.

4) Increase Metabolism and help as a Weight Loss Aid

Both coffee and hemp energizes people to move, get involved, and burn calories faster. This increases the body’s metabolism and increases calorie-burning and an appetite suppressant. The significant levels of B-vitamins in coffee mean it helps us optimize metabolic efficiency which helps to maintain balanced hormone levels.

5) Maximizes Fitness Goals

Drinking hemp coffee half an hour before an exercise routine provides a burst of energy to help maximize energy efforts. The energy boost comes from the cafestol and kahweol terpenes that increase epinephrine levels in the blood, which in turn prepares the body for physical exertion and to push through for lasting results.

6) Improves Heart Health

Research reveals regular coffee consumers have a reduced risk of heart stroke, and increase blood pressure temporarily - the same is said about hemp cannabis.

7) Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Regular coffee consumption has proven to help lower blood sugar levels and cannabidiol is proving to help mitigate or lessen some of the symptoms that make diabetes particularly problematic. Studies suggest that cannabinoids can also be used as diabetes prevention agents. Weight/insulin/metabolism are three key factors in blood sugar maintenance.

8) Protects Liver

Regular coffee consumption has been linked to improved liver health, particularly in the prevention of cirrhosis, hepatitis, and fatty liver disease. Adding full spectrum cannabidiol-rich hemp oil synergy super boosts these benefits.

9) Neuroprotectant

Research is showing both caffeine and hemp terpenes have a protective effect on the nervous system, helping to prevent disease. Regular consumption of both shows a reduction in being affected by Parkinson’s disease.

10) Eye Care

Coffee’s chlorogenic acid (CLA) acts as an antioxidant and reduces the oxidative stress that affects the functioning of the eye which helps prevent retinal damage. Eyes are part of the human endocannabinoid system. Therefore, blending hemp cannabinoids with coffee can only prove beneficial for eye care maintenance.

Research indicates that CBD could be the key to improving the body’s efficiency in absorbing and using insulin with a marked positive influence on the metabolic system, which in turn controls obesity. In a similar way the root cause of type 1 diabetes – the malfunction of the immune system – can be brought back into line with CBD oil which protects the beta cells of the pancreas (responsible for the production of insulin). People who frequently use cannabis have a 16% faster insulin level and 17% lower insulin resistance. “Unlike insulin and other existing medications for diabetes, CBD may actually suppress, reverse and perhaps cure the disease.” Mark J Rosenfeld, CEO Ananda Scientific.

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