Coming Soon - Two Nano Hemp Products

We are eager to share our recipes with you once manufacturing is in operation.  

For starters, Karen has created a Nano Hemp Mint Maple Sugar Melt-Away ideal

for low glycemic balance or simply a superior nano melt-away breath mint.  Karen

also has a Peppermint Pony Nano Granola that has tested positively

scrumptious in the field! 

Hemp & Nut Butters, Balsamic Maple Hemp Sauces, Hemp Granola's, Hemp Topicals, Sunscreens, Suppositories, and more.  We are confident your customers will be pleased

with your selection of Hemp Family Super Foods on your shelves, and equally eager to

return for more selection.

Please review our Melt-Away and Pony Granola Product Information from the

drop down menu above.