Not all sweeteners are created equal

FDA Nutrition Facts encourages companies to

invest in and incorporate alternative sweeteners

and natural ingredients such as fruits

and vegetables in their offerings.

More than 50 beneficial compounds were found in maple syrup by researchers from University of Rhode Island, URI. But that’s not all. Five of those compounds hadn’t even been seen in nature before. Substances called polyphenols contained in the maple sugar might help control blood sugar levels.

Maple has a rich matrix of vitamins & minerals:

● calcium
● potassium

● manganese

● magnesium

● phosphorus

● iron

Trace amounts of

● B2
● B5
● B6

● niacin
● biotin
● folic acid
● amino acids, the building blocks of protein

 Maple Syrup Market
Health Benefits Of Maple Syrup to Boost Growth

● Global maple syrup market will grow by USD 461.9 million during 2019-2023
● Wholesome Low glycemic simple sugar

● Rich matrix of naturally occurring
vitamins & minerals
● Unique maple phenolics (anti-oxidant
compounds) inhibit enzymes that are
relevant in Type 2 diabetes management
● Maple sugar is one of the healthiest
substitutes for cane sugar
● Delicious