Micro dosing - A Little Goes a Long Way


“The therapeutic synergy observed with plant extracts results in the requirement for a lower amount of active components, with consequent reduced adverse side effects,” a 2015 Israeli study concluded. In animal studies, CBD isolates require very high – and precise – doses to be effective. Problematic drug interactions are also more likely with a high-dose CBD isolate than with whole plant cannabis. Dr. Dustin Sulak


What Is Microdosing?   /   Project CBD

Explained by:  MARTIN A. LEE  May 16, 2018  (Updated on April 1, 2019)



  • therapeutic effects of cannabis are achieved at low dosages

  • cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause an intoxicating high like THC. 

  • CBD can actually lessen or neutralize the THC high



  • High dose CBD therapy is another way of healing

  • CBD isolates lack critical aromatic terpenes and other cannabinoids, which interact synergistically to enhance CBD’s therapeutic benefits. Single molecule cannabinoids are simply not as versatile or

  • as efficacious as whole plant formulations

  • Preclinical research indicates that full spectrum CBD-rich cannabis oil is effective at much lower doses

  • and has a wider therapeutic window than a CBD isolate



  • For people as well as pets, cannabis dosage must be individually determined. Several factors come into play, including one’s overall health and endocannabinoid tone, which are influenced by diet, exercise, sleep patterns, day-to-day stress, and genetics. Cannabis is best used as part of a healthy lifestyle


Dr. Dustin Sulak’s cannabis “Sensitization Protocol” https://healer.com/

Project CBD for more information on CBD   https://www.projectcbd.org